Dee Sedani
Dee Sedani
One Stop

I have been a retailer for over 35 years, my background is software development, I run 3 stores under the One Stop Banner in the East Midlands.

My passion is retail and processes, I love my gadgets at home and work, and my best mate is Milo, my dog.

My spare time I am always looking for new ideas for the future, or even new technologies to help me drive my day to day work life and also anything to automate my home.

My role in my business is to support the managers to help them drive the business forward, I don't drag my team on a journey I always take them on a journey this way I feel we get more out of the day and the week, nothing is impossible it's just a mind set, the key for me is to ensure that everything is process driven this allows more efficiency for everyone.

My team will tell you that I am a person of detail, after all retail is detail.