Trudy Davies
Trudy Davies
Trudy Davies, Woosnam & Davies News

Trudy Davies was brought up and lived in Llanidloes for the majority of my life and she’s a super passionate retailer about promoting ‘Llani’ locally and nationally as well! Owner of Woosnam And Davies News, & The Store Cupboard.

I’ve been in retail for 40+ years. I pride myself on community focus approach and have won many awards due to this (I’m always the crazy Welsh lady talking about all things retail & how you should shop local at the events & on her social media). She's been involved in many organisations in the town over the years also a town councillor and am always looking for ways we can help small businesses. Woosnam and Davies is a local newsagents/Aladdin’s cave of everything - I always say if we don’t sell it, we probably know somewhere that does! The Store Cupboard is a low/zero waste shop looking to help people be as sustainable as possible with toiletry, cleaning and food refills.

She is always looking for ways to be more sustainable & her thinking outside the box approach has seen her introduced many solutions to this.

I’m completely community focused and do everything I can to fundraise and give back to the community that has supported me and my family. ‌